Little Miracles

by David Michael Cray

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Speak In Me 05:58
None although maybe someday.
He Is More 05:48
Chosen 04:11


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These are 11 of 22 tracks that have come out of a five year relationship with Moses Cone Behavioral Health Hospital through my work with The Mental Health Association of Greensboro (Be on the lookout for another album soon!). They are my first completely self-produced albums. During this time, I performed classical guitar pieces, hymns, Christmas carols (during the holidays), as well as improvised finger style guitar pieces. I also had the privilege of telling my testimony of how God has guided me to better wellness through recovery tools and His healing and wisdom. I also let peers in those groups know about the services M.H.A.G. offers. The whole experience was a very rewarding part of my work with people with mental health challenges. Music is a universal and healing language (Google: Healing frequencies regenerating DNA for more info on this). Everyone can relate to music even when they are not used to the style of music they are hearing (sometimes especially because of this). The skills and experience I gained from improvising in groups almost every week for 5 years made it possible to have two albums of improvisation that came out most miraculously in my home studio. They were recordings done in one take each and only editing out (mostly extra space) to make it flow a little better. Much of the music sounded and felt almost like God already had them written and just poured them out through my hands. None of it was rearranged. Rather, they worked almost as though they were written pieces, which I never would have thought possible normally, but with God this is not a normal life. It can be an extraordinary life full of “Little Miracles”. Although I don’t want to diminish the effort and hard work I’ve put into learning my craft, I admit it seems there was a bit of divine intervention that seemed to guide these particular tracks. It is a true honor for me to be able to share these with you and hopefully provide some healing sounds as all of these tracks use a tuning system found in studies to be a catalyst for healing and regeneration even of DNA and helping purify water. This healing is truly a gift provided by God found within science and I hope it uplifts your spirit as well!

Track One: 13th Improv “Circling Angels”: To me, this sounds like angels circling and flying around someone to bring them peace.

Track Two: 17th Improv “Raising the Dead”: This reminds me of Jesus on his way to Lazarus’ tomb and calling out to him to rise. There is a sadness to it that feels like someone passed, but a type of majesty and calm peacefulness too.

Track Three: 6th Improv “Speak in Me”: For all of my groups I ask for God to speak the words in me they need to hear for guidance toward health and blessing. But sometimes He speaks with music.

Track Four: 9th Improv “Riding the Waves”: This sounds like being in a small boat on the ocean floating on the waves. Kind of peaceful but a little ominous. A little like being on track with God’s purpose for us, but becoming aware of how important and huge it really could be and how easy it could be to miss it if we chose the wrong path. We will not be burdened beyond what we can bare, but we still must choose to follow God to get the full blessing.

Track Five: 4th Improv “Sprinkling Salt, Sweetening Branch”: The light harmonics in this piece reminds me of the prophet Elisha sprinkling salt in and healing the water (2 Kings 2:21) and another where water was made drinkable with a tree branch Moses threw in to it(Exodus 15:25) which I think is interesting because I tuned all these tracks to fit with a tuning system that has been found to purify water (528 hz was even used in the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico with amplification to purify the water and separate the oil which it seemed to successfully accomplish very quickly in areas where it was used. Even dolphins and other life were returning to the area right away!).

Track Six: 5th Improv “Who Do You Say I Am”: It is interesting to envision Jesus saying this to the disciples in this piece. It has a hint at His glory with a bit of sadness that none of them truly understand what He is really like.

Track Seven: 10th Improv “Taste and See”: I can hear the title being sung over it. Might become a song one day and although I think the title has been used before it seems to fit well. To truly taste and see you must choose to taste all the way and wholly put your trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior, repenting once for all time of all your sins, as none of us are perfect, but we can all be made righteous in God’s eyes. Don’t wait. It is not worth risking the alternative fire and it is free salvation!

Track Eight: 7th Improv “Thoughts of Love’s Resolve”: Their has to be tension in order to have resolve later. Without the bad you don’t know you have good. Without separation we would not know how great unity is when we have it.

Track Nine: 11th Improv “He is More”: Think Bigger, Better, More Able, More Understanding and More Loving Towards Everyone including YOU! The cross was just a visual representation of God’s love, but to understand God is to get that He is that type of love multiplied infinitely as much as is ever needed or could ever be wanted.

Track Ten: 18th Improv “Imagine Beyond” or “Possibilities”: This one was exciting to play and I could barely hang on but I like how it turned out! It is still hard for me to believe this was improvisation.

Track Eleven: 20th Improv “Chosen” or “Majesty’s Triumph”: Definitely could end up a song. Even though this piece sounds simple it was really harder than many of the others for me to think it through. I’m amazed that something so refined and even planned sounding can come from spur the moment improvisation, but alas, that is exactly what I’ve spent the last 31 plus years trying to learn how to do. This piece in particular is what makes me think God was making little miracles through me. Performing can be a bit of a blur so I can only hope my performances are consistently as good as this at my groups and concerts! I like to try to fool people into thinking I’m playing other peoples music with stuff that sounds like this. Ha! Ha! Oh. And for those who attended my performances, I apologize if the early attempts at live improvisation were not as high a quality but this is life. I hope this album makes a better impression. However, Miles Davis said,”There are no mistakes in music”. So, hopefully there has been a purpose to you enduring my live learning process. I like to remember the joy it gives me to see a newcomer trying to play an instrument. We are all still just little children finding a wonderful toy when we discover the music in our hearts. Ha! Ha! Hope you enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed making it!

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God Bless You All!


released November 30, 2018

All tracks Improvised, Recorded, Engineered, and Produced by David Michael Cray

Album Cover Photo by Heather VanLooy


all rights reserved



David Michael Cray High Point, North Carolina

Classical Guitarist.Over 850 concerts,2x's with W-S Symphony.Shared stage with Top 40 Band “Overflow”. Played weekly at W-S Church 5yrs.Studied w/2 top teachers in the world(Aaron Shearer & Bruce Holzman),w/Segovia student Gerald Klickstein,w/“Ted” award winner Roger Cope,w/Larry Almeida & Robert Calmes.Master-classes w/top performers incl.4 Grammy winners.Check out products on my Zazzle store. ... more

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